C´SANTOS is a brand born from love to create jewelry with imagination and passion. Our state of the art workshop is where natural wonders come alive in a wide range of color.

We are a unique jewelry brand, redefining luxury. We celebrate uniqueness, quality, creativity and craftsmanship. Each handmade piece is held to high standards in order to commit to our vision to become a forever brand.

C’SANTOS was founded in 2010 by Jorge Jaar and his wife Cristina Santos. Cristina is a lover and dreamer of the jewelry world. She is a Graduate Jeweler, Gemologist and Designer from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and has worked her whole life in the jewelry industry.

For Cristina it all started at a young age when she fell in love with the world of precious stones. She started making and selling her own creations as young as fifteen. By the time she had to choose a career path it was clear she wanted to immerse herself in the jewelry world. She is constantly inspired by mother nature and is in awe of all the abundant colors in it.  She wishes to transmit all the natural beauty and abundance of the world to her designs and those lucky ones who wear them. 

At C'SANTOS you will find an exquisite assortment of gold and silver jewelry with all natural precious colored stones and diamonds. Our designs are brought to life by the finest workmanship. 

Everything at C’SANTOS is made with love and passion. Our, boxes, pouches and shopping bags are made with custom materials that represent our detail oriented values. We have designed our packaging thinking about the experience of receiving a C’SANTOS jewelry piece that will be cherished and passed on thru generations to come.